How To Make iPhone Apps Work For Your Business

Written on 13th March 2014

When it comes to smartphones and tablets, worldwide sales are set to soar this year and into the next, creating a whole new generation of people who are moving away from desktop computers and even laptops. These users want all of the information they need in the palm of their hand, and many of those palms are – and will continue to be – holding on to the latest iPhone.

With so many other smartphones following suit, it can be tempting to dismiss Apple and their products, but the truth is, they’re still at the cutting edge when it comes to innovative and useful applications. This doesn’t just mean games and cute little apps to while away the time; there are several applications out there which – while they don’t necessarily have to be used for business – can help companies of all shapes and sizes, from the single sole trader to the huge, multi-million-pound firm.

But with so many apps out there, how do you know which ones to choose? Luckily, most of them are either free or very cheap, so you won’t break the bank while trying them out, but if you want a little more information on the best iPhone apps to use for business, here are a few examples.


Over 100 million users over the world have signed up to Dropbox, the app that allows you to drop (and retrieve) files while on the go. Dropbox can be set up on computers or devices, and is a convenient alternative from emailing files from one device to another. Share photos, documents and other files with colleagues and clients whenever you want. It’s free, and it’s the most popular cloud file storage app out there at the moment.


Another free app, this one may work better for sole traders or as an organisation aid for an individual. You can use it across all of your mobile devices, and it helps you to sort out all your files, notes, images, lists and more. Create voice reminders and take down audio notes, or capture pictures of things that might help your business. Evernote lets you organise all of your various different types of notes, allowing you quick and easy access to them whenever you want (the search function also includes the text inside images).

Dragon Dictation

Whatever your business, time is usually of the essence, and if you’re not lucky enough to have your own personal assistant, writing emails and other business correspondence can suck up a lot of your time. Dragon Dictation is one of the best dictating apps out there, but as with the rest of them, it doesn’t always get the words right – it’s worth checking it over before you send any emails. It is, however, five times faster than typing and it’s free as well, so it’s worth at least giving it a try to see if it will work for you.

There are hundreds – if not thousands – of high quality, relevant apps for business out there, so you might want to get testing them out right now.

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