Promote your business through video

Written on 15th May 2015

If you have heard this popular phrase before then consider this modern alternative “A presentation is worth a thousand clicks”. Okay, so it might be a bit tongue in cheek but the message is the same – if you want to share your business idea with an audience it is better to present it in graphical form rather than the written word.

Fortunately for business owners, we live in an time where we can present our business ideas with graphics and words in the shape of professional presentation videos. Presentation videos are an excellent way to promote your business or services in a stylish and engaging way...

Through the use of slick animations, audio and voiceovers you can tell the ‘story’ of your business in 2 – 3 minutes, when you think about the alternative of reading through pages of content you can see why more and more businesses are opting to use video presentations as a way of promoting their business.

We have created hundreds of presentations for a variety of clients, each one unique. Take a look at a few of our samples and have a think about what we could do to promote your business?

What can you do with a Presentation Video?

  • Upload a promotional video to your website
  • Create a YouTube video to promote your business
  • Post a video presentation on your Facebook page and encourage likes
  • Tweet your video presentation and ask for feedback
  • Present your new business idea to prospective customers

Interested? We can create slick, professional presentation videos from as little as £350 plus VAT. If would like to know more please call us on 0845 123 5810

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