Why We’re Rebranding

Written on 30th April 2014

In our early years (when our client base wasn’t as large), our visual scheme was inconsistent at best. Our logo changed more or less every six months and there was no obvious pattern or consistency that could be traced across our services.

By the mid ‘00s, we started to attract new clientele and started to grow exponentially; now, we’re working with a whole range of organisations, from start-ups to multi-billion pound companies. It’s important for our brand to universally appeal to existing and potential clients in whatever industry they work in. For us, there are four main reasons behind the rebrand:

Firstly, from a business perspective, it’s important that we maintain a competitive advantage and it’s important that we reflect on where we are now and how far we’ve come. Secondly, our rebranding is necessary for growth stimulation; we need to practice what we preach and be seen as experts in our field. This in turn will help us to attract new clients to our services.

Attracting new clients will help to fulfil our third reason for rebranding: long-term market expansion. We’re consistently looking at new areas to tap and new clients to target. We believe that rebranding will help us achieve this. Our fourth and final reason is innovation. We want to be perceived as pioneers in our field of work, communicating a high-level of professionalism and expertise in everything we do.

So what changes can you expect to see?

Following hours of research, we found that websites work well when their design is simplistic – so we have decided to create our new site with this in mind. Features like the typography and text will be simple, allowing users to easily navigate our website. In our aim to make our site more visually appealing for users, we have planned to designate colour schemes for particular teams: the managerial, development, finance and delivery and support teams will all be assigned their own colours to reflect the diverse range of roles within Fathom.

The basic design of our company logo has not really changed since 2009. However, we have slightly tweaked the colour palette, getting rid of the blue and replacing it with a monochrome scheme. We chose a minimalist scheme as we believe it will provide us with more scope on what we can do with the logo: we could choose to add colour to the logo for particular pages, for example. We’ve also decided to give the logo a textured feel.

Our new website will also have parallax scrolling, a feature that is used effectively by a number of companies. Sometimes the feature can look overpowering on a site, but we think it’s the perfect tool for a creative company like ours. We see parallax scrolling as a ‘front cover’ for our website, and it will help us to communicate the ‘what’, ‘how’ and ‘why’ to our clients, while also educating people on our brand culture. We want users to experience our site in a unique and interactive way, and believe that parallax scrolling will provide a perfect visual aid to the site’s content.

Rebranding has taken an enormous amount of research, time and commitment. When launched, we want users to feel comfortable and confident with our brand. We want to be seen as modern and cutting-edge, yet still conscious of our traditional brand values. Despite integrating new features within our website, we are still maintaining a traditional approach and essentially following a standard structure.

Going forward, our aim is to incorporate responsive design within our website, as we understand how essential it is in providing users with the optimum viewing experience. Within the next few months, we expect to introduce responsive design for tablets and mobile phones.

We have an enormous amount of confidence in our rebranding, and believe that it truly reflects our brand values. We believe that our new site will be creative, fun and interactive, and will demonstrate what we are truly capable of.

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