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Fathom is a boutique development company, based in Croydon, recently heralded as the “Silicon Valley of South London". One of the UK's most diverse and competitive business communities, we’ve thrived here since 1998. Our client list ranges from small business start-ups to multi-billion-pound companies.

Fathom was founded when the Internet was still in its infancy, and we've grown at pace with the web’s evolution and trends. The experience we've gained over time ensures that each client enjoys consistent standards of quality and service. Our work ethic is refreshingly simple – stick to what you’re good at!

Our growth

Almost 75% of our business is derived from client recommendation and our growth has been marked and measured - we even managed to grow in size when the dotcom industry bubble dramatically burst at the turn of the millennium. With our first acquisition of Media Garden in 2009, and a merger with Ampheon in 2011, we now look after over 1000 clients, with whom we have built and maintain strong relationships.

Our people

Fathom staff are smart, brave and fun. They’ve got experience, skills and opinions. From back end devs to front of house managers, we hire people that we want to have in the office, as well as on the project. We believe that by working with likeminded people, the values we share will come through in the work we do.

Multi-award winning

We offer multi-award winning web development in London, and specialise in tailor-made custom ecommerce web development, web application development, bespoke software development, hosting and marketing solutions for organisations. We are an ISO 9001 quality assured business, and have won awards for our websites for clients like the London Chamber of Commerce, the Health Protection Agency and the Commonwealth Secretariat.

// Vision & culture


The passion with which we started fathom is still in evidence every day. Our management team still work on projects, rather than overseeing from afar. Maintaining this direct link with the work we do helps fathom stay in touch with what is really important in your project, and delvier it with more than just timeliness and efficiency – but with care and passion.


From over 15 years experience working in web development, we’ve decided that something that doesn’t get said enough is a two way conversation. So we decided to build patience into our core values. Rather than pushing you down a path, we take the time to find out what you’re trying to achieve, and develop a plan that works not only now, but for your future.


To back up the value that patience can bring to a web project, you need clear processes. This helps everyone to know what they need to do, by when, and why. These three elements make up our working process, which we have developed over more than 25 years in the business.

// Meet the team

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Management at Fathom likes to get its hands dirty. Rather than sitting in a glass office on the Bluetooth headset, the management team like to get involved. Their expertise ranges from development to user experience, and you’ll find them taking an active role in many of our projects.

Fathom was founded on the basis that you’ll perform best when are doing what you love, and the management team love what we do.

Business Analyst

This title does not do these guys justice. They are some of the most innovative thinkers and pragmatic problem-solvers in the business. And not just our business, yours too. They are the ones who take the raw information we get out of workshops, interviews and analysis sessions and build you a strategy. Without them, it’s all just a shot in the dark. Business Analysts, we salute you.

Project Managers

Your project manager is the person with whom you have the closest relationship during a project with fathom. We want you to feel like they’re your friend, your therapist, your Santa even. Tell them what you want, and they will work their little socks off to make it happen.


Web designers are a rare breed – able to work creatively and originally, to envisage how your brand needs to look whilst working within the IA, and adapting to changes along the way. Our designers are some of the best in the business, with portfolios that will impress you, no matter your sector.

Development (back-end and front-end)

Devs are the backbone of the technical team. They build your project, from the things you don’t even know are there, to the parts that your users see every day. Their skills are multifarious, magnificent and represent the full mix of technologies and languages. WE pride ourselves in our technical team’s ability to build great websites, explain them to non-technical clients and think outs ide the box to find solutions. And they like a beer.

Delivery & support

Once you’re up and running, these are the people who keep you so. Ferreting away in the back corridors of the internet, they make sure everything stays working the way it should be. We hope you won’t need to speak to them all that often, but that’s because they area bit like superheroes; just don’t see them very often, but you’re very pleased they’re there.

Our Methodology

Getting to know you

We like to get to know our clients, appreciate what makes their business tick and see things from their point of view. No one is as passionate about your business as you, so we spend quality time getting inside your head to understand what you need before we start researching and sketching.

Specification analysis

Before we start, it’s essential that we know what you are aiming to achieve from your project. Whether it’s increased sales, better customer service or improved communication, we’ll build a specification that meets your needs. We believe you know your business best, so we aim to learn as much from you as we can before we start work.

Communicative team

Throughout the project, we’ll be in touch with you on a regular basis. Keeping the channels of communication open means that you can steer the project in exactly the direction you need. We’ll be sensitive to your other commitments, as we understand that business doesn’t stop just because you’re running a project.

Intuitive work solutions

Our experience ranges broadly across many sectors and types of business. This means we’ve seen how lots of organisations solve problems, and we’re able to advise not only on what to do but often how we’ve seen it done best. Our own processes are designed to minimise disruption to your business during the project, and to improve and streamline your resulting working processes once the project is finished.

Creative design team

Our design team have over 20 years of experience between them. We’ve won awards for our professional services, which includes design, and we’re always looking for a new design challenge.

Knowledgeable developers

With more than 20 years of experience in web development, we’re in a great position to resolve your web worries. In an increasingly diverse world of solutions for the web, we’ve got a team who are both passionate and experienced who can suggest a solution that won’t just work now, but will scale and develop with your business.

We believe that web solutions need to work over time as well as right now, so we’ll build applications and software that keeps your future in mind.

Post project support

Our relationship doesn’t end when we deliver the project for you. We’ll be there whenever you need us, via our comprehensive support agreements. Speaking to the people who built your solution for you cuts out expensive and time consuming ‘issue analysis’ and helps you get back up and running as fast as possible.

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