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In the world of fast paced ‘webolution’, we understand the importance of being able to implement the latest technology and trends across multiple platforms, delivering powerful solutions for your business.

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We implement the very best processes and techniques to ensure we deliver quality. Our project leaders provide detailed and realistic schedules. They ensure our clients and internal team meet your expectations by meticulously tracking progress on our intranet and managing internal process meetings.


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82% of our business is derived from recommendations

Fathom is a well-established development company, located within one of the UK's most diverse and competitive business communities. Our client list is broad and ranges from small business start-ups to multi-billion-pound organisations.

Fathom was founded when the Internet was still in its infancy and the company has grown exponentially to keep pace with the web’s evolution and trends. The experience gained over time ensures that each client enjoys consistent standards of quality and service. Our working ethic is refreshingly simple – stick to what you’re good at!

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Meet the team

Aw, shucks... you guys!

“What can I say, the guys at Fathom are fantastic! Their development on our new (fully managed) automated platform gives us clear visibility and easy control of the workflow by good presentation of business management information. The automated tracking ensures everything is seamless and at each stage of our internal process, helping us to ensure the finished product is always rightfirst time for our customers – great job guys!”

"Fathom are designers and developers who know what they’re doing and deliver on schedule. With Fathom, we get irrefutable evidence how our website works, which directly helps us to refine it and generate more revenue."

Award-winning flagship services...

At Fathom, we deliver powerful software solutions developed to the highest quality and latest Microsoft standards from a team passionate for design and planning. By working with you to understand your industry, your business, your challenges and your goals we can ensure the end solution provides measurable, tangible benefits to your business.

We embark on every project with a passion to create inspiring solutions that deliver results.

The very latest at fathom

We are recruiting for a Front-end Developer

You must be able to demonstrate strong design, typographic and layout skills. You would be required to multi-task between different projects on a day to day basis and work well under pressure...

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How 'Google' Search Works

‘Search’...we’ve all done it - It happens billions of times a day in the blink of an eye, but have you ever wondered how Google decides what your results are? And have you ever thought about how your own website can perform better in searches to achieve and maintain a higher ranking?

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Responsive Design

What is it, and how important is it to your business?

The last 10 years have seen a shift in the way we surf the internet. Desktop browsing (from a PC or laptop) is no longer considered the only method of browsing for information.

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The Importance Of Client Services And Support

Client support is at the heart of business-to-business relationships and is key to maintaining customers and gaining new ones. A company may offer the perfect product or service, but this is insignificant if that company cannot provide excellent support.

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